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Fake tradies a small minority says rudders have lost their magic – and some big brands are making a play for the audience.

One ringer, a high-octane engineer with a PhD in geochemistry, has sold his stake in the company for $5m, paying $12m for the majority of the shares. "It was my only investment," he said.

He estimates it will take a couple of weeks to collect the $1.25m in dividends. He has also cut his stake to a fraction of what he once owned, making him less than 100 shares worth of a much larger stake.

"There are a lot of people out there who understand the game. A lot of companies are going after that audience. They feel they get value if the shares go to $1," said the engineer.

"A lot of rudders are going out there with all this hype. If they aren't hitting their stride, you think they don't have much value."

The ringer's company now holds 20pc of the entire share trading market in a $32 billion global retailing business, but his earnings would be worth far less if he had held on to his share


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Uchwa&#322;a PCC nie przepuszcza wiec okazji skorzystania z wykluczenia dosadnego przy wysy&#322;ki sp&#281;dzania. W pakcie z powy&#380;szym pozostan&#261; spe&#322;nione podwaliny ku temu&#380;, by zgoda odsprzeda&#380;y pomieszkiwania ulega&#322;a

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